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Origin Sukabumi - People have always noted that the date of January 13, 1815 is the birthday of the city of Sukabumi . The date used since Dr . Andreas de Wilde officially accept the endorsement Soeka Boemi behalf of the Dutch East Indies government dimohonnya land for agricultural expansion . At that time de Wilde is konlomerat plantation , or better known as Preanger Planter . You can imagine how rich and influential de Wilde to see his house which is now used as the office of Mayor ( City Hall ) Bandung .

Documents about Andries de Wilde who bought land in Goenoeng Parang ( later became Soekaboemi ) for Euro 6153 Spain 1803 - Algemeen Handelsblad 1923Dari source : Collection Photos of submissions Rangga Pamungkas in SOEKABOEMI Heritages

But is de Wilde who find Sukabumi ? Actually , not really. Sukabumi history older than that . You can trace it to Runtag Padjadjaran ( Padjadjaran kingdom fall ) around 1579. At the time this part of the region kedatuan ( county equivalent now ) Padjadjaran kingdom . Precisely Kedatuan Pamingkis that is capitalized in Mount Walat , Cibadak now . Do not be surprised if Cibadak used Dayeuh that time . In this Cibadak have stood kabuyutan initiated an era of King Dharmasiksa Galuh Ancient Sundanese kingdom . See article on Cicatih Cibadak inscription on this blog .

History of Sukabumi

Well , that regent ruling is Ki antler Bitung . His wife was named Nyi Raden Puntang Mayang . The time period is uncertain . Pakuan has successfully captured the capital of the Sultanate of Banten . Uforia scorched earth until well into Kedatuan Pamingkis . Short story Mount Walat same fate with Pakuan . Regent Ki antler Bitung fall . While his pregnant wife was rescued by a Jaro ( headman ) named Ki Load Kutud and his wife Nini Tumpay Ranggeuy Ringsang . At first secured in Mount Hunchback , Cibadak . At the direction of a sage named Tutung Windu , then transferred to Mount Sunda Palabuhanratu area now .

At that time, the southern region is still forested wilderness . Not surprisingly, the area became the perfect hiding place for Nyi Raden Puntang Mayang . In the midst of evacuation , they found a male child aged 6 -7 years lost . According pengakuaannya , the same village was burned by the Banten forces . Driven Jaro Kutud pity then finally pick up the child and include them in the group of refugees . They finally arrived at their destination . Shortly Nyi Raden Puntang Mayang deliver a girl . Then Nyai named Raden Shoulders Saloyang Arum .

(to be continued )

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